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Online gamblers are no doubt familiar with the term “house edge”. But for someone new to the world of online gambling, house edge might be something quite difficult to understand, especially when they come across statements like “Baccarat has the lowest house edge so it is the most profitable game to play”. Well, read on to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Online casinos are in the business for the money, so it’s no big surprise that they have a built-in advantage on the games they offer. Odds are stacked in favor of the casinos – the main reason why players lose more often than win. This built-in advantage is the house edge. In other words, the casino will get an average percentage/profit from each bet placed.

Online Casino with the lowest house edge

According to our research, 888 Casino has the lowest house edge. The poker room at 888 has the lowest rake, the sportsbook section has the best odds, and the casino games have very low house percentages. Add to that the many Jackpot slot machines, and it becomes easy to understand why 888 should be your first choice as an online casino. Click here to sign up with 888 and get a bonus of €1500 on your first casino deposit.

If you are a resident of the US, then 888 Casino is not an option for you – they do not accept wagers from US citizens. In this case, your best choice would be Slotland Casino (click here to visit).

Online casinos have lower house edges compared to brick and mortar casinos

Online casinos have much lower overheads, compared to real casinos. So logically, a good operator would pass this advantage on to his customers. But there are still differences between the various online casino operators.

To give an example, the house edge for roulette is 5%. So, for each dollar wagered, the casino will get five cents and the balance of 95 cents will be distributed to the winners. The house edge differs from game to game. When you compare all casino games, it emerges that blackjack, craps, and video poker have the lowest house edge.

The house edge on slots and keno is perhaps the highest. Games such as blackjack or video poker are difficult to learn and hence present the best odds if played with the correct strategy. Here you can see that the simplest games like keno or slots have the highest house edge. So you’d wonder why these games are so popular. They pay the biggest jackpots, of course!

Playing games with the lowest house edge is the prudent thing to do. That’s because you are most likely to win at a game with a low house edge. And, your money will last longer, giving you the opportunity to play for longer periods. This in turn will increase your chances of winning.

A high house edge will eat into your bankroll and you run out of money faster. However, to make the most of the low house edge, you must know to play the game properly, or else, the house edge will be much higher. Another point to bear in mind is to make a few bets so as not to expose yourself too much to the house edge. To maximize your advantage, make use of all the freebies you can get.

For any online casino game, the best strategy is to quit while you are ahead. So if the casino has the advantage, why even bother playing, you might ask. Agreed, the casino gets the better of you in the long run. But it is totally possible to net some big wins in the short term, or no one would play casino games.

Think of the entertainment factor as well. Playing casino games on online gambling websites is so much fun and so much more convenient. As for the odds, you have every chance to come out ahead and win big in the short term.