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Online casinos are some of the most widespread online gambling websites in the world right now. And even though they have some pretty tough competition (just look at online poker, with hundreds of millions of registered and active members it’s got quite the punch), online casinos manage to come first in fans’ hearts time and time again. The hardest thing to do when playing online casino games is actually choosing an online casino.

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If you are based n the US, you do not have quite as much choice when it comes to finding a reputable casino with a great bonus. As a matter of fact, we strongly recommend you take a look at Americas Cardroom and their bonus, which is 100% of your deposit, up to a limit of $2000.

For anybody else, we suggest you visit 888 Casino. They offer a 100% and up to €1500 bonus. They offer the best casino experience of all online casinos we have tested, with the only downside being the fact that they cannot accept US players.

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