Better prizes at 888 Poker

Few poker sites try so hard to do the best for their customers

The online poker site known as 888 Poker has always been thought of differently by the poker community because they do take good care of their members and they have always offered some of the best prizes on the web. This winter season will be no exception and 888 Poker will show the poker community once more that they really do care about their members and really want to help them win.

All 888 Poker members have become accustomed to the great prizes that this company offers and now they are never satisfied. This is one of the reasons why 888 Poker decided to unite forces with LG this winter and provide their customers with some excellent promotions. During these holidays, 888 Poker will be giving away some of the latest LG devices to their most loyal members and they will also offer other prizes to other members.

Some people have said that this poker site will be giving away at least fifty thousand dollars in LG devices and that there are going to be a lot of other cash prizes available too. Some of the products that this company will be giving away include 3D Televisions and some other home electronics. Whether you want to become a millionaire or simply take home one of these LG prizes with you, the online poker room at 888 Poker will give you the opportunity to win until February 2nd. This is more than enough time to try to win one of these prizes and this is why many online poker players are really excited right now.

During this time, every new member will also get a free ticket to an LG poker tournament that will be played online and will have a purse of at least five thousand dollars. 888 Poker loves to be part of the latest gambling news all the time and this is how their marketing campaigns help them. The best 100 players will also get a free ticket to the weekly LG tournament and all that you need to do to try and qualify for these events is make a deposit of ten dollars.

All people who make a deposit will also have the opportunity of making use of some of the other 888 Poker promotions and bonuses. Some of these include tickets to weekly tournaments, satellites, and even to some major events. Some of these bonuses also double your deposits and some of them also send you to some of the most important poker tables on the internet.

This LG promotion at 888 Poker is valid for all members of the website, yet some restrictions might apply, depending on the country that you live in. Today many countries are taking severe repercussions against those people who gamble illegally online and this is why it is important to check your local laws, before actually becoming a member of one of these sites.

If your country allows gambling on the internet, then you will have no problem becoming a member of 888 Poker and enjoy all of the promotions that they continuously offer to the public. The 888 Poker members are mostly all satisfied with the service that they receive because they get to play with some of the best poker players on the web and they also get the opportunity to classify for major poker events around the world. Taking advantage of opportunities like this one is important because LG is a great electronics brand and winning one of these prizes will be a godsend.