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Play Powerball Lottery online

The Powerball lottery is known the world over for the incredible jackpots. You will find jackpots exceeding 100 million dollars on a very regular basis. Increases in the jackpot are exponential due to the fact you can get online tickets for the Powerball lottery. Playing Powerball online is simple from the comfort of your home with only your computer and an internet connection.

Online Powerball Tickets, easy as 1-2-3

To play the Powerball lottery online you need to go to our partner RedFoxLotto (click here or on the banner below) and create an account. It is easy to open an account and you can be up and playing the Powerball lottery in minutes. The next step would be to go to the ticket section where you would use the form to pick five primary numbers from the range of 1 – 59.

Once done, you now choose one Powerball bonus number from a group of numbers from 1 – 35. To win the jackpot prize you need to match your five main numbers plus the Powerball with the balls drawn. Not to fear if you do not match these you can possibly take part in claiming one of the other seven prize tiers.

Powerball online ticket sales soar

powerball ticketOver the past two years, ticket sales for Powerball USA have grown at a very rapid pace doubling year over year for this period. The size of the jackpots along with the ease with which one can buy tickets online has been the driving force behind why the growth has been so substantial. If the past is any indicator of future sales, we can expect to see increased growth in jackpot sizes over the coming years.

Worldwide lottery play is growing

With the exception of MEGA Millions, which holds the record for lotto jackpot sizes, we have seen record jackpots in most lotteries played online in the past year. There are no indicators that these record-level jackpots will subside any time soon. In fact, we can expect to see the records toppled repeatedly as people swarm their computers when news of jackpots reaches high levels.

Check Powerball winning numbers online

Make sure, if you are purchasing tickets that you take the time to check the results using an online database tool. Many prizes each year go unclaimed because when people hear jackpots have been won in an area where they do not live or at an establishment where they did not buy their ticket, they just discard their ticket and do not follow up to check for winning on other prize levels.

Do not make the mistake of throwing money in the trash, or leaving it sitting invisibly in your wallet. You deserve all the money you have won. Play the Powerball lottery online today and you can possibly be the world’s next multi-millionaire.

Top Ten Jackpots for 2013
Draw Date Jackpot (USD)
Powerball – USA 18-May-13 $590,500,000
Powerball – USA 7-Aug-13 $448,400,000
Powerball – USA 18-Sep-13 $399,400,000
Powerball – USA 23-Mar-13 $338,300,000
Powerball – USA 6-Feb-13 $217,000,000
Powerball – USA 23-Oct-13 $213,400,000
Powerball – USA 22-Jun-13 $131,500,000
Powerball – USA 16-Nov-13 $130,300,000
Powerball – USA 11-Dec-13 $122,900,000
Powerball – USA 25-Dec-13 $74,000,000


Powerball Lotto – USA Prize Tiers
Prize Matches Odds
1st (Jackpot) 5 + 1 175,223,510 : 1
2nd 5 5,153,633 : 1
3rd 4 + 1 648,976 : 1
4th 4 19,087 : 1
5th 3 + 1 12,245 : 1
6th 3 360 : 1
7th 2 + 1 706 : 1
8th 1 + 1 111 : 1
9th 0 + 1 55 : 1