Just like all over the world, the Spanish market is also flooded with online and offline casinos and the Casino’s popularity level is increasing tremendously all over Spain. The casino markets are still regarded as virgin markets because there is still a huge difference between demand and supply. More and more new and experienced entrepreneurs are entering to lead this profit-oriented market in Spain.

Spain and Mexico are the two largest countries that have been generating huge casino-related revenues for the past many years. This article is also focused on the hottest news about confirmation of Spain’s online gambling agenda. On May 9th, 2012, the Spanish government’s home affairs along with the administration ministry suppressed the ongoing rumors and gossip about their online casino gambling schedule.

The government is ready to give online gambling licenses to the new applicants after weeding out the best candidates among tons of applicants out there. To be very accurate, about 59+ contenders are in the line to get valid gambling licenses to jump-start their online gambling business as soon as possible. However, the Spanish government is not willing to allow in-play betting till further orders from higher authorities.

People are still not sure about the progress of Spanish online gambling regulators as they are confused about how the Spanish online gambling regulators will be able to meet the June 1 deadline. The assumption ignited after the statement from 888 Holdings CEO Brain Mattingley when he announced that the Spanish online gambling regulators will most probably not be able to meet their new deadline of June 1.

People are now commenting both in favor and against the analysis given by 888 Holdings CEO Brain Mattingley and the world can hear great gossip everywhere. The applicants that include Europe’s major online gambling operators are literally craving to get the license to start off their business as they don’t want to face more delays in the future. The reason is that when the Spanish online gambling regulators announce new extensions, the applicants face opportunity losses in response.

At the same time, they don’t want to bear the unpleasant costs to keep their online operations ready as well. They are only waiting for the sanctioning of their licenses so that they join the race without any further delays and opportunity losses. The frustration was fueled after the assessment announced by 888 Holdings CEO Brain Mattingley as more waiting games will lead to more loss and tension.

All of the applicants are looking toward the Spanish government these days and they are also keeping an eye on the multifarious court cases in Spain where the online gambling operators are entangled. One of the main operators commonly identified as Codere is also waiting for the court orders. In view of the above facts and figures, all the eyes are on the Spanish government and Spanish online gambling regulators these days. The news about meeting the next deadline of June 1 will be in the air sooner or later. The Spanish government may take special steps to pass the licenses soon.