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casino best payoutsGambling commission legislation makes it imperative for Online Casinos to make available winning percentages of their Casino games. Due to the fact is necessary for Online Casinos to create these reports one would feel it is easy to find the Online Casinos with the best payouts. In theory, this is true yet like any brick-and-mortar Casino numbers are easy to manipulate to enable the Casino to allow you to believe what you want to believe.

This is not to say, the Casinos are looking to mislead you rather the numbers differ depending on the number of instances in which they garner the percentages. The greater the volume of wagers in a specific Online Casino the greater the chance of the numbers being closer to the stated percentages. Higher volume Casinos will have actual numbers, which are closest to the mean, and give a truer representation of the customer experience in the particular Online Casino.

The house always has an advantage in Online Casinos

Online Casinos of high quality are built to be able to make money, if the Casinos are not making money it is impossible for them to stay in business to be able to pay out winnings. At the end of the day, there will be a great number of players’ winnings and there will be a greater number of players who have lost money in the Online Casinos. Knowing the payout percentages will enable you to make a decision as to whether or not the website and rooms where you play should be included in the list of online gambling sites with the best payout percentages.

Understanding payout percentages

The numbers posted by various Casinos are based over a period of time which is often undisclosed. This means payout percentages posted over a 30-day period will be much different from those reported over a one-year period. Once again year reports will be much different from two-year reports. Online Casinos often post favorable reports over a period of time for which the numbers are self-serving.

Let us look at an example: a certain Online Casino posts a payout percentage of 97.8%. This means that for every dollar wagered the Casino has paid back 97.8 cents. The Casino keeping only 2.2 cents on a dollar may seem to be a very meager earning. Yet, if we take this number and multiply it by the volume of play, Casinos with high wagering volume can make a substantial profit. In August of a certain year, the Casino may in fact payout $.99 on the dollar, while in September paying out of meager $.95 on the dollar. When averaged over the two months, this amount can average out to give us the above-stated figure of 97.8 cents on the dollar.

You will see by the above example if you are playing in September you would not have fared as well as if you are playing in August. The random number generators used by the Casinos can be changed at any time to give them better or worse payout percentages. In order to be able to make an educated decision about where to wager your money, you would need daily reports on payout percentages.

Payout odds for top-rated Casinos

In the most recent numbers available at the time of writing this article, we felt it important to highlight some numbers from US-friendly sites that include:  Slotland – 93.12% and Americas Cardroom Casino – 96.05%. You will find these numbers lower than the numbers that follow for the larger International Casinos, due to the fact both RedFox Casino and 888 Casino, have many more players utilizing table games.

Since the payout percentages for RedFox Casino – 97.35% and 888Casino – 96.60% are a bit higher, you will find these among the best Online Casinos with high payout percentages. Both RedFox and 888 Casino are known to have the best payouts for Blackjack and table games worldwide.

Play at best payout gambling sites

The payout numbers for Online Casinos are constantly in flux, yet there has been a truth for many years that the Online Casinos which provide the highest level of play, coupled with a great reputation have repeatedly reported the best payout levels. Keeping online players happy, and by happy, we mean filling their pockets, keeps them coming back for more.

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