Facebook offering bingo now

Zynga has now officially launched Zynga Bingo adding more fun and excitement to the evergreen classic game. Zynga, the game developer officially launched Zynga Bingo, their new bingo game, on the popular social network site Facebook. This is the first new game in the Zynga Casino franchise which was announced to the public in October 2011. The franchise also includes Zynga Poker which has around 35 million monthly active players.

The best part of this online version of this classic game is that you can play in real-time with friends or strangers from across the globe. You can get into the chat rooms where your friends are and challenge them to get the first BINGO! This version of the game is more interactive, and competitive than many of the other online Bingo games available on Facebook.

What makes it interesting is that you need to concentrate and use your skills to win the game than just sitting back and watching. The chat feature of the game adds more fun as you can communicate with other players while competing against each other. You need to choose one of the three attractive themed rooms, which are Vegas Lights, you get a feeling as if you have entered the sin city where the bingo ball comes out of the trunk of a classic Cadillac; the next theme is the Pirates Paradise’, here the bingo ball shoots out of a treasure chest which is accompanied by a treasure map and gold coins, and the last themed room is called the FarmVille Bounty.

If you are a fan of Zynga’s popular game FarmVille, you are sure to love this theme. As you play you can unlock more themes by using the coins and tickets earned by you in the game. After taking a seat in one of the theme rooms you can purchase between one and six Bingo cards using the tickets. Some rooms require more tickets to purchase Bingo cards and offer greater rewards during the game and on victory.

Just like the classic version of the game the players are required to listen carefully to the callers or watch the row of the drawn balls at the top of the screen and try to either fill in all the four corners or get a “five in a row” line across the Bingo cards. You have to click on the called number manually to daub it on the card. In case you end up daubing the wrong number the game does not inform you immediately till the time you attempt to call a BINGO!! Doesn’t it sound fun!

The game is further spiced up with the powerups. There is a powerup meter at the side of the screen which fills up gradually with every correctly daubed number. Once it is full you can use the powerup to get special items or coins to the squares on the Bingo cards. Overall the sound effect and the visual appeal of the game is just awesome. Each room has its own different voice caller. Zynga Bingo was an instant hit with online gamers on Facebook. Every day 10,000 new active users join the game. As always Zynga has again created a fun-filled and addictive game.

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