Lotto Tools and Numbers Database

When it comes to playing the International Lotteries people have dreams and visions of winning the big jackpots. There are many strategies to pick numbers best suited to winning and we have developed different systems to allow your chances of winning the likes of Euromillions, Eurojackpot, Mega Millions USA and the USA Powerball lotteries. Our tools are designed to allow you to research and develop a system for over 20 of the top lotteries worldwide. The winning lottery numbers tools provide you with different variables using up-to-date information.

Hot & Cold Winning Lottery Number Tools

lotto toolsOne of the methods by which people choose to pick lottery numbers is by looking at recent draws and analyzing which numbers are hot, those which have been drawn the most over the past 20 weeks, or those which have been least drawn or possibly not at all during the same period. All winning number combinations are weighted by percentage from both of these categories and therefore your lottery number pool should include a percentage of numbers in both these groups dependent upon which lottery you are looking to purchase tickets for.

Most & Least Frequently Drawn Lottery Numbers

Many people take the most and least frequently drawn numbers into consideration when forming a pool of numbers to use in a wheeling system. All the top International Lottery Results can be investigated to see the best numbers to use when purchasing tickets for example in Brazil’s Mega-Sena Lottery. The view can be different for ticket purchasers, for instance, some may take the view that numbers which have not been drawn as often are more likely to be due to show up next, while others want to go with numbers that have shown up more regularly. Both of these logics have proven to be correct when it comes to using winning lottery number tools.

Using a Wheeling System for Winning Lottery Numbers

Once you have taken the time to analyze the most drawn numbers, last drawn numbers along with the hot and cold numbers it is time to decide how many numbers you wish to use to make up your different combinations. The more numbers you have in your pool the more tickets you will need to purchase to be able to cover the different combinations. Yet the more numbers you choose to utilize the better odds you have of winning the jackpot. Using 16 numbers in a pool whereby you purchase 16 tickets for a six format lottery such as Canada’s Lotto 649 will give you the possibility of winning in 672 different number combinations starting with matching only three balls.

The best odds are garnered by having wheel systems for lotteries with the best payouts for ancillary prizes. The more prize levels the better odds you have of winning using your system. Take the time to evaluate the International lotteries for your favorite format and also look at the different levels available for you to collect prizes. Using winning lottery number tools may just be one way to help you build a lottery bankroll.

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