Where to bet on NBA basketball online

Basketball including NCAA and the NBA is as popular as it has ever been both in the United States and worldwide. The NBA has become increasingly popular worldwide because many of the players are now coming from other countries. Online Sportsbooks, which provide betting on NBA basketball, have taken advantage of the new audience by offering basketball betting in the international Sportsbooks. However it is not only international Sportsbooks to have gained the attention of basketball betting enthusiasts, sportsbooks that are US friendly are also excepting growing amounts of members.

Betting on the NBA at Online Sportsbooks

basketball betting NBAFor international basketball enthusiasts, 888 Casino offers an excellent range of betting opportunities for the Euro leagues, NCAA basketball, and of course the most popular basketball league worldwide the NBA. 888 Sportsbook offers betting opportunities for each game played during the NBA season and all playoff games.

888 Sportsbook is made available a vast number of betting opportunities, you can bet on money lines team totals, and much more using the bet-in-play portion of the 888 Sportsbook.

Prop bets create added enjoyment as you watch the game online or through cable television from the comfort of your home. Unlike line bets, props can be for very short outcomes during the game, which will allow you to pick up a little extra change along the way. Pick the smart prop bets and the game outcome is only going to add extra money to your account.

With the popularity of the NBA basketball league, a large number of online Sportsbooks including 888 offer legal betting on basketball. Take a look at their website by clicking here.

If you reside inside the United States, you won’t be able to place basketball bets via 888, but we have included another great option for you.

BetUS Sportsbook is US Friendly

Another great location to bet NBA basketball online is the BetUS Sportsbook offering action on all regular and playoff games in the NBA. The nice thing for US residents is that the site is available if you live in any of the 50 states. The only requirement for those living in the United States you must be over the age of 18. Meet this requirement and you are on your way to wagering online for your favorite NBA teams. Hundreds of thousands of US players make wagers on NBA games at bet online Sportsbook weekly.

You can bet on the money line, props, or the spread at BetUS Sportsbook. Just click here to get started.