Which Online Sportsbook Is Good for Hockey Betting

NHL Hockey Betting

The National Hockey League was originally formed in Canada with hockey being a sport, which is predominantly followed in North America. However, truth be told, not many a household in Canada does not follow NHL hockey for at least part of the season. When traveling abroad you will find many a Canadian in small sports bars, watching NHL hockey and pounding back a beer. Sportsbook betting online for the NHL plays well into the demand for wagering for both foreigners and Canadians.

Finding the best Sportsbook for betting on hockey is a daunting task, as all online Sportsbooks provide the ability to bet on the game. Much of the decision for which is your favorite online Sportsbook has to do with personal preferences. High rollers may find a certain Sportsbook more to their liking and others may find sites with more options than their online Sportsbook of choice to wager on NHL hockey.

In this article, we will discuss two of our favorite options of online Sportsbooks where you can place bets on NHL hockey.

Best overall hockey Sportsbook

USA friendly sportsbook888 Online Casino is known the world over for being a dominant player in online sports wagers. This holds true when it comes to betting on hockey. 888 offers live streaming hockey with a tremendous group of options for placing bets. The mobile version of 888 Sportsbook, which works well on tablets, also proves to be a favorite with gamblers from Canada and the United States. Take the abundance of betting options available at 888 Sportsbook and throw in the two hundred dollar bonus and you have a powerful tool to make some money betting on hockey.

For a Sportsbook originating from the UK, 888 does a very good job of keeping abreast of North American sports and their focus on NHL hockey makes them the envy of many an online Sportsbook. 888 has come to be known as one of the safest and most secure Sportsbooks in which to make bets online. 888 also offers to bet on international hockey leagues. The international focus for online hockey betting makes 888 the best all-around Sportsbook online for you to make your wagers.

Visit the 888 website for more info.

Best NHL online Sportsbook for US players

If you reside inside the United States or utilize an ISP with a US-based IP address, the best choice of online Sportsbook is without a doubt BetUS. BetUS Sportsbook has many of the similar features you will find available at 888. BetUS Sportsbook offers easy deposit and withdrawal methods for US players, and you would be guaranteed to receive your winnings, deposited into your bank account, in a timely fashion.

BetUS also has a mobile version allowing you to place your bets on the go. For US-based hockey betting enthusiasts, you should sign up for your Sportsbook account, start wagering and receive your deposit bonus of up to $2500. Use this link to receive the BetUS bonus.