No doubt that Poker is gaining immense popularity all around the globe since 2003 when the shocking news about an average Joe named Chris Moneymaker floated in the air. By winning 2.5 million dollars in the main event of the world poker series, he lifted the graph of this game to the extent where the sky is the only limit. Now the world is closely looking at the upcoming staging event of the World Series of poker where the stars have been lined-up to participate & hit the jackpot.

The latest poker star who has confirmed joining the winning fleet is no other than the English Poker pro Sam Trickett. By signing up for the big poker tournament, he decided to sign off from the Titan poker as he was overmuch excited for the upcoming 43rd staging event of the world series of poker. The critics are commenting on his decision as he has the skills to hit the jackpot prize and his past record also advocates his poker playing abilities. However, he has to put in lots of effort to clutch the topmost poker prize and he needs to play even beyond his abilities as well.

This is being regarded as the world’s top-notch poker tournament where a portion will go to the one drop charity to fill this planet earth with clean and fresh water in the long run. So, a great contribution to providing clean water all around the globe has also exploded the popularity of this poker tournament all around. Furthermore, donating $3,333,330 to highlight and raise awareness among world inhabitants about water-related problems has already been decided by all 30 participants beforehand. The goal is to spread awareness about water problems and to mobilize each and every individual on this planet earth to utilize the water resources in an apt manner.

A similar type of announcement is exploded on Twitter by German Marvin Rettenmaier i.e. quitting off from the Titan poker rooster and joining the 43rd staging event of the World Series of Poker. The German Marvin Rettenmaier has also said that he had a very good time representing Titan Poker and there is no resentment after the quit. The critics are also hopeful for both players i.e. English poker pro Sam Trickett and the German Marvin Rettenmaier and certain that both will face no botheration in finding new sponsors as well. They both have departed from the titan poker team to look out for new opportunities and the critics are also commenting on the future of titan poker and future strategies of titan poker as well.

Will it be the sign of a whole new line-up or not? There are also a few rumors in the air depicting that after the move out of English Poker pro Sam Trickett and the German Marvin Rettenmaier, Titan poker will follow a downfall. These are the questions that are still unanswered. The fate of Titan poker is still unknown but no doubt that both of these players are on the lookout for more opportunities.