The fifth edition of The Premier League has ended and in the last seat remaining, we see Scott Seiver, a respected player that has now over $4,700,000 in winnings from live events. He is one of the best players in the circuit with an incredible performance at both cash games and large tournaments. The $125,000 buy-in event was held in Vienna, Austria and the final table didn’t start very well for the American pro.

He was ranked sixth amongst the eight players on the table but he played a very patient game. His chance came after a while and he managed to double up which put him in a great position, with a playable stack. He slowly started to increase the pressure on his opponents and increase his stack. The chance to double up came from another respected professional player, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan that went all-in with Ks6h in an attempt to get the big blinds. Seiver called with pocket sevens and sent Dwan home after the board ran out queen-high.

As one big player left, another one was collecting his chips from the middle of the table and was now a big force amongst the remaining players. After Tom Dwan left, three other players were quickly dealt with, Tony G, Patrick Antonius, and Phil Laak all missed their chance at winning the $500,000 first prize. This meant a heads-up battle between Daniel Cates and Scott Seiver.

The latter started with a small disadvantage, having 1,245,000 against Daniel’s 1,295,000. This difference didn’t last long as Seiver played a very aggressive game which turned the stacks 2:1 in his favor and left Cates in a hard spot to get out of.

The final hand showed Cates with pockets sevens making an all-in and Seiver calling with KhQs. The sevens held the winning position until the river was turned and the king of spades brought Seiver the winning title and half a million dollars. The final table saw a great combination of patience and an aggressive style coming out from the winner which managed to land yet another title.

He also has a win at the World Poker Tour and a World Series of Poker bracelet from previous years. Now with the Poker Premier League title and a healthy sum of money, Scott Seiver is looking stronger than ever.

Poker is a highly popular game around the world and it can also be played online. There are differences between playing online and traditional poker that can make the experience quite interesting and also give an edge to some players. Most professional poker players declared that they can’t stay away from online games and that they do it every day. Tom Dwan is known for going online and using his talents while still being one of the best when it comes to traditional cash games and tournaments.

All in all, it was a nice final table and a great heads-up between the two giants but Seiver quickly got ahead thanks to his aggressive style and became the champion of this season.