Everything You Need To Know About Online Slots


Playing Slots – the most popular online casino game

Online slots are the most popular choice amongst casino players and there are many reasons for this. While the games look simple at first glance, there are actually quite a few things you should know about them which can help improve your results and create a better online gaming experience. For information on various elements regarding real money slots, check out our website dedicated to teaching players how the game works and what strategies they can use.

Introducing online slots

Slots-150x150Slot machines are very popular in brick and mortar casinos and they normally fill out huge rooms to make up for the big demand. In fact, during rush hours, it is a high likelihood that you won’t be able to find a slot machine available in the popular casinos. The concept of the game is very simple as there are several symbols on 3 or 5 spinning reels. The player needs to place a bet and select the number of lines he wants to play.

He can then spin the reels and if the symbols stop in a certain combination on each of the selected lines, the game will award a prize based on the odds and the size of the wager. It is this simplicity of the game that made it so popular in the first place, combined with the potential to win very large prizes. With online casinos becoming increasingly popular over the years, slots have maintained their popularity as the players moved to the internet to have easier access to their favorite games.

The same rules apply but online slots now use random number generators to determine which symbols are shown once the reels stop spinning. The slot odds remain the same in theory but most players claim that online slots are much more profitable since they are not tweaked in any way depending on their location on the casino floor.

New possibilities online

Online slots have really taken off in the last few years and the internet has given software developers the chance to take the game to the next level. Players can now have a large number of pay lines to choose from. Every additional line has the same odds of hitting a winning combo, so the player has the option to pay more and play more lines in one spin. The internet has also provided the best way to expand online slots based on their theme and style. New titles are released quite frequently and they can cover various themes with the possibilities truly being limited only by the imagination. There are online slots styled after popular movies, such as The Dark Knight or The Gladiator.

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Progressive slots

Progressive slots can also be found in brick and mortar casinos but they are really popular online. The idea is that the casino links together several slot machines so that every wager from them can contribute to one common jackpot that can be won at any point. When it comes to online casinos, linking these games is much easier and a lot more users can play the same game. This results in some very popular progressive slots that can award millions of dollars every couple of months.

The jackpot simply gets bigger with every additional bet placed by the players until someone hits the winning combo and takes the entire amount. For example, in a poker-themed online slot, the jackpot is won by hitting a Royal Flush. Of course, there are also smaller prizes given for other combinations which came along more often, so players don’t just bet for the jackpot. The popular progressive slots can be found at several online casinos at the same time, as long as they have the same software provider.

Strategies for online slots

While slots are a game purely based on luck, there are some very useful tips that can help increase your profits. The most important thing to know is that a spin is not dependent on the previous one; each spin has the same odds. Many players believe that if they play for long enough, they will eventually win the big prize. The best way to win at online slots is to manage your bankroll properly by not taking unnecessary risks early on. This means that you should play fewer lines and not risk on the games that offer “double or nothing” features. To better learn how the game works, you can first play for virtual money.