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Checking the T+Cs of Online Casinos

Online Cash Casinos: Understanding the Fine Print

casino fine print terms conditionsWhen you sign up at an online cash casino you are required to accept the user agreement which contains the online casino’s terms and conditions that you must follow. Some of these conditions relate to the banking processes at the casino while others may pertain to the actual wagering, games, and bonuses.

It is important to understand and realize the impact of these terms and conditions thoroughly before you accept them. The transfer of funds to and from the casino is perhaps the most important function that affects the player. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what exactly you are getting into when you accept the casino’s terms. In this article, we try to simplify the legal language to explain what all those conditions imply. The player is required to accept certain obligations when he accepts the user agreement. He must also provide certain warranties.

In general, it can be said that some online casinos have some paragraphs in their fine print that can have very negative consequences for the player. They just rely on the fact that nobody would read all the fine print. In consequence, we suggest that you stick with casinos that are regulated, have a good reputation, and thus, fair terms and conditions.

Slotland Casino is one of those casinos. Their fine print does not contain any surprises. They do reflect the fact that due to recent US regulations, the deposit and withdrawal process is not quite so easy and straightforward anymore. But under the circumstances, their terms are still fair.
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What the casino fine print normally requires the player to do

The casino also expects confirmation from the player that he is the lawful owner of the funds used for wagering at the casino. In other words, he cannot use a credit card not belonging to him to fund his account. Also, his credit card will be verified before any withdrawals can be made. Similarly, he cannot use any other payment options that are not in his name.

Violation of the terms of the agreement, be it related to banking processes or wagering, will first impact the player’s account. In case the account is suspended, the cash casino can withhold the disputed funds; in most instances, you will find them withholding all of the funds be it bonuses, deposits, or refunds without making any distinction. This is in accordance with the terms you have agreed to.

In case the player owes money to the casino, the casino can make all efforts to recover the sum including engaging collection agencies. Some online casinos have a strict policy relating to dormant accounts. One of my friends learned this the hard way. He had registered at one online casino and played there for some time, winning a tidy sum. He switched over to another casino, planning to return to the first one after a short while. When he checked his account the next time, he found no balance there. On contacting customer service, he was told his money was forfeited since he had not played at the casino for more than six months. This, of course, is rather unusual, and even if it happened to you, you would be able to solve this problem with a short email to customer service.

Things to be careful about

Still, if you decide to stop playing at your online casino, make sure to withdraw all the funds in your casino cash account, no matter how short the break will be. Check whether any fees will be deducted for withdrawals. If there is a flat fee for withdrawals, you might want to withdraw all your funds at once, instead of making multiple cashouts. Don’t cash out if you plan to deposit again a short while later – you are losing money if you do. Compare the different money processing options available to you – some come with lower, some with higher fees!

There are other terms and conditions relating to bonus and casino promotional offers. Generally, these are eligibility conditions and wagering requirements needed to release the casino bonus. It is a good practice to read and understand these requirements before taking up the casino bonus offers. Likewise, before signing up at any online casino, players must read the agreement terms, and understand the fine print and real money casino faq so as not to encounter unnecessary hassles at a later stage. Usually, online casinos have a full page devoted to the end-user agreements and your first task should be to read it carefully before you decide to join the casino.