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El Gordo Lottery

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el gordo ticketIn Europe, the El Gordo lottery is huge and is played by people both in Spain and internationally. You can expect a minimum jackpot of approximately €6.5 million each week. There is only one draw a week on a Sunday and people are lined up to play every week. The jackpot can accumulate up to €26 million has there are frequent rollovers of the price not being one jackpot can sometimes reach up to €35 million, once you have the carryovers for the previous weeks.

Europeans buy online lottery tickets weekly

Europe has continued to be a growing source of lottery revenue, each week millions of players line up to play the lotto on this continent. To get your online tickets for the El Gordo lottery, you simply need to visit our partnerRedFoxLotto, log in to your account, and then decide if you wish to use quick picks or to choose your own numbers. If you are choosing your own numbers, you will need to pick five primary numbers and one bonus number.

Europeans buy tickets online for Sunday’s draw

El Gordo, known as the Spanish 6/49 lottery, is not to be confused with the El Gordo Christmas lottery. This popular weekly lottery is drawn on Sundays each week. In buying online tickets for the El Gordo lottery, bear in mind there is a one in 10 chance of winning a prize. This is because there are seven different prize levels in addition to winning the jackpot.

Millions spent monthly online for tickets

Europeans have gone crazy over lottery tickets in the past few years. Second only to North America, the Europeans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on tickets each year. Now that it is possible to buy tickets online for worldwide lotteries, sales have increased dramatically. If you would like to get your tickets for the upcoming El Gordo lottery, simply visit our partner RedFoxLotto, sign-up for an account and you could be well on your way to becoming a multimillionaire overnight.

Top Jackpots for 2013
Draw Date Jackpot (USD)
El Gordo – Spain 13-Oct-13 $13,327,360
El Gordo – Spain 4-Aug-13 $10,275,000
El Gordo – Spain 16-Jun-13 $9,590,000
El Gordo – Spain 23-Jun-13 $6,850,000


El Gordo Lotto – Spanish 6/49 Prize Tiers
Prize Matches Odds
1st (Jackpot) 5 + 1 31,625,100 : 1
2nd 5 3,513,900 : 1
3rd 4 + 1 129,082 : 1
4th 4 14,342 : 1
5th 3 + 1 2,689 : 1
6th 3 299 : 1
7th 2 + 1 172 : 1
8th 2 19 : 1
9th 0 + 1 10 : 1