Video poker is popular at the online casino

Unlike many other games of chance in online casinos, video poker is a game where strategies can be employed. For most online casinos, while the house still has the edge in video pokers, the edge is not nearly as pronounced as it is for other games. If a player employs a strategy, he can dramatically reduce the house advantage. There are pay tables that will have a payout percentage of over 100% if factoring in other incentives such as free play and cashback, and with the right strategy, can be well over 100%.

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Jacks or Better is one of the more popular forms of online video poker, and beginners should start with this game in order to put together sound strategies that can later be used in other forms of online video poker. If a player is dealt a jack and a queen, with three other lower cards, the best strategy is to keep the jack and queen and opt to discard the three lower cards. The odds are much greater that you will receive another jack or queen, thereby returning your original bet. If dealt an outside straight, say a 5, 6, 7, and 8 plus another card, it’s open-ended, meaning you can draw the lower or higher card to complete the straight.

video pokerA beginner can discard the one card not involved in the outside straight and hope for a matching card that will complete the straight, paying off at 4:1 odds. An inside straight is a straight dealt with a missing inside card, such as a 5, 6, 7, 9. The odds are a little longer than you’ll draw the 8, but again, at 4:1 odds certainly not a bad bet

Let’s say you’re dealt a hand that includes a low pair, with a queen and king. Four of the cards are the same suited, and the low pair obviously includes a card not suited with the other four. There are three popular plays here. The first would be to keep the low pair, discard the other three, and hope for a three of a kind, which would pay off at 3:1 odds. The second would be to keep the queen and king and hope to draw another king or queen, returning your original bet. The third option is to keep all four suited cards and hope to draw an additional suited card to complete the flush. Since the flush pays off at 5:1 odds, throw away the unsuited card and hope for a card to complete the flush.

As you develop strategies that help to take the edge away from the house, then the beginner can venture onto other tables that are more exotic in nature, such as Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, and then can also play three-handed, five-handed, or even ten-handed tables. With multiple hand tables, the playing table is where you employ your strategies, and based on your original play, the other hands will follow suit in the cards that you elect to keep and can win various amounts of money depending on the cards dealt for each hand.

This is where strategy really comes into play for a beginner. Online video poker is an excellent choice for beginners, in that it doesn’t totally involve elements of chance. If using a sound system of strategy, a beginner can enjoy fruitful returns.