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The Italians are lottery fanatics and are especially fond of their Superenalotto. Each week ticket sales are outrageous for this lottery boasting odds greater than one in 600 million. Buying online lottery tickets for Italy’s Superenalotto gives you the worst possible odds of any lottery worldwide. Yet, this seems to be the big attraction for the local Europeans and worldwide online lottery players.

superenalotto ticketRollover jackpots for SuperEnalotto

Because of the odds of winning Italy’s Superenalotto, it is quite often that the jackpot is rolled over. Picking six numbers from between one and 90 gives you a chance to claim the jackpot by matching all six numbers. Matching only five numbers and the bonus gives you the second-tier prize. The bonus number is drawn separately and is chosen as what is known as the jolly ball. Online players rush to buy tickets to try to capture record jackpots of up to €223 million.

The Italian Superenalotto has three draws weekly. The jackpot starts at a minimum of €1.7 million and, it is no surprise why people are so interested in playing. Both locals and online players want a piece of this international lottery with the reported highest odds available.

Introduced in 1997 the Superenalotto in Italy gained immediate attention of European lottery players and the jackpots quickly grew and rolled over. The largest jackpot was won by a single ticket holder in 2010; the winning amount was €223 million. With the addition of people buying tickets online for Superenalotto, the jackpot has the potential for growing even bigger because there is no limit on the size of the jackpot.

On top of being able to win the large jackpot, online players can take part in one of the other five prizes available. To get your tickets for Italy’s Superenalotto through RedFoxLotto, click here.

Top Jackpots for 2013
Draw Date Jackpot (USD)
Superenalotto – Italy 29-Jun-13 $55,759,000
Superenalotto – Italy 15-Oct-13 $25,124,430
Superenalotto – Italy 3-Oct-13 $21,372,000
Superenalotto – Italy 27-Jul-13 $19,043,000


Superenalotto – Italy Prize Tiers
Prize Matches Odds
1st (Jackpot) 6 622,614,630 : 1
2nd 5 + 1 103,769,105 : 1
3rd 5 1,235,346 : 1
4th 4 11,907 : 1
5th 3 327 : 1