Playing at European Poker Sites

European Sites have poker too

Over the past few years, the popularity of poker has climbed to new levels. The European countries are a major market for online poker sites and the clampdown by the American Government on online gambling has forced operators to concentrate on the European poker markets in a big way. Although live poker is a passion among Europeans, online poker is fast catching up with net-savvy poker enthusiasts. Countries like the UK, Austria, and Germany even host inter-nation poker tours and tournaments.

european poker sitesThe continent of Europe is made up of several countries that are members of the European Union (EU). Online poker is viewed favorably by all members of the European Union – in fact, online poker sites have not been banned from operating in the European markets. However, each member country enforces its own set of laws as regards online gambling. As such, explaining the legalities of online poker for Europe as a whole is quite complex. All member nations of the European Union must accept services from other member nations but each of them has the freedom to decide on the legality issue of online gambling.

Consequently, some members of the EU have banned online gambling, a few have legalized it while some others are ambiguous in their approach. Although it is alright to gamble online, European online poker players must tread with caution – it is suggested that they check the local policy associated with online gambling before deciding to play. Even though online poker sites are taxed and regulated by the European Union, there are differences in the laws of individual member states as regards online gambling.

Best online poker site for European players

European online poker players have a much wider choice of poker sites, compared to the US players. The site that stands out from the crowd is 888 Poker.

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For example, the United Kingdom allows its citizens to gamble online and also permits foreign gambling sites to operate in the country. The Netherlands only permits the residents to play at online poker sites having a Dutch license. East European countries on the other hand were not into the online gambling race but of late, with easy internet access they too have joined the fray. Recently a proposal was put forth to the EU that there must be a uniform regulatory system for online gambling among the member states. This would help to standardize the licensing process across Europe and make it simpler as well.

As for the players at European poker sites, only taxation laws are applicable to them. Players are taxed by their respective countries as well as the EU when they make a deposit at an online poker site based on foreign shores. Different countries in Europe speak different languages. European poker sites generally cater to their clientele in the local language. However, some of the major poker sites today offer the website in various languages as the poker software supports multiple languages.

Customer support is also provided in various languages. Apart from English, the poker site may offer French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, etc. As with languages, European poker sites accept different currencies. Although the main currency is US dollars or UK pounds, the Euro is the common currency in the EU. Poker players from Europe prefer to use the Euro or the UK pound while making deposits at an online poker site.

European poker sites generally offer several deposit and withdrawal options to suit individual customers who hail from various nations of the European Union. Some of the banking methods commonly found at online poker sites include debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, bank transfers, e-checks, etc. The easiest and most popular method to fund an online poker account is by credit card. However, some credit card issuing companies may not approve of transactions to fund online gambling, so it is best to check this out before opting for this method.

Many poker players find it convenient to fund their online poker accounts with the help of e-wallets. Players can open an account with any of the e-wallet services and fund the account through their bank. The e-wallet account can in turn be used to make deposits into the poker account. Popular e-wallets offered by European include Neteller, Moneybookers, and e-WalletXpress, to name a few. The player can choose from many other e-wallets depending on their suitability.