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An unbelievable number of people purchase lottery tickets every single day, both in North America and around the globe. Most lottery participants are well aware their chances of actually winning the jackpot in any lottery are very slim. Yet with the ability to get tickets online for the Mega Millions lottery, people scamper to their computers daily, log in to our partner RedFoxLotto and buy their tickets online for the gigantic US-based Mega Millions lottery.your Megamillions tickets online

To win you need to get your online tickets

Many folks would rather have a small chance of winning than none at all. Like the saying goes: “you can’t win without a ticket”. This phrase sticks out in many people’s minds and with being inundated with lotto images every day; they are very likely to get their tickets online. The internet has allowed people internationally to purchase tickets for every lottery draw. With Mega Millions being one of the biggest draws worldwide, it simply makes sense people would flock to purchase tickets online.

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Life-changing possibilities await online purchasers

Of important note is the fact people get their online tickets for the Mega Millions lottery to try to change their lives. When they hear the results that a couple in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania has won the grand prize they are disappointed and do not even check their tickets.

Mega Millions and Powerball tickets online are the most popular

The two lotteries in the US, namely Megamillions and Powerball are certainly the largest jackpot-producing lotteries worldwide. It is no surprise then that online ticket sales for these two giants soar to new heights each and every week. Getting tickets online for Megamillions has brought jackpots to extraordinary levels on a regular basis.

Amazing Mega Millions jackpots in 2013 come close to record

Top Five Jackpots for 2013
Draw Date Jackpot (USD)
Mega Millions – USA 17-Dec-13 $636,000,000
Mega Millions – USA 17-May-13 $190,000,000
Mega Millions – USA 1-Oct-13 $189,000,000
Mega Millions – USA 25-Jan-13 $89,000,000
Mega Millions – USA 5-Jul-13 $79,000,000

 Many prizes for Mega Millions online ticket holders

Mega Millions Lottery Prize Tiers
Prize Matches Odds
1st (Jackpot) 5 + 1 175,711,538 : 1
2nd 5 3,904,701 : 1
3rd 4 + 1 689,065 : 1
4th 4 15,313 : 1
5th 3 + 1 13,781 : 1
6th 2 + 1 844 : 1
7th 3 360 : 1
8th 1 + 1 141 : 1
9th 0 + 1 75 : 1

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