Keeping Your Online Gambling Account Safe

Avoid bad sites and take some safety measures

The world of online gaming has become incredibly big and while this is generally a good thing for the player, it also comes with a few drawbacks. The online security offered by the casinos is arguably the most important element when playing for real money and the user has to be guaranteed flawless financial transactions.

Sadly, in the technologically advanced world of today, scams and online frauds are far too common to simply believe that it will not happen to you and thus not take any measures to prevent it. New online casinos become available almost overnight and they promise huge bonuses in order to get the ball rolling and attract a large number of customers.

Knowing whether or not these can be trusted is very important and it is highly recommended to first get more information from other sites. Reviews made by users or experienced players are becoming very popular on the internet as more gamblers see the risk of jumping in blindly and first look for some sort of reassurance.

Online gambling in the US

casino securityThe US is a very interesting online gambling market. While online casinos are banned in all but two states, the grey online gaming industry is very big and this is mostly due to the fact that American gamblers want to play casino games online. The huge number of potential customers also means that there are more than a handful of US online casinos and American players can very easily get started.

In fact, the leading sites even accept American credit cards as a banking method, and everything is made to be as convenient as possible for the players. Although these online casinos are not regulated by the US, they do have licenses from offshore locations that make sure the sites provide a safe and secure environment. The problem is that along with the great casinos that cater to the US market, there are also plenty of shady sites that have problems when it comes to withdrawing the winnings or simply don’t offer a fair payout percentage on their games.

This is why it is very important to first read some reviews on the site you want to join and see if it is as good as it seems. This doesn’t take more than a few minutes and will make sure that your online gaming experience will be as good as possible. As far as fair gaming goes, the trustworthy online casinos use Random Number Generators to make sure that every game is purely based on chance. An online casino can combine the traditional casino tables with the advantages provided by playing online with the help of a live video stream of a dealer.

As a US-based gambler, you cannot go wrong sticking to the market-leading provider for online casino action, namely BetUS. Click here to visit their website. Your security is in good hands there – which we cannot say about most other offshore casino operators that accept US residents.

Security measures to consider

We should also mention that a big part of the responsibility comes from the player and there are certain measures one can take in order to prevent scams and keep their funds secure.

1. Have a secure password

More and more sites are encouraging users to use secure passwords that are hard to guess. Including numbers and letters in both upper and lower case makes a password a lot more secure and it is also recommended to not have the same one for multiple accounts.

2. Make sure you have a good anti-virus

Most players tend to forget about the importance of a good anti-virus. This can immediately detect any problems when you are surfing the internet or downloading something, such as the app for a new online casino.

3. Always make sure the page is secure

When introducing personal data like account information, make sure that the page is secure. This is done by looking at the address bar in the browser and see if it is HTTPS and by also looking for the closed lock.