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Online Gambling On Mobile Devices

HTML5 vs. Native Apps – the option is yours!

Looking at a good Gambling Directory, it is easy to see that there are many great options for players that want to enjoy their favorite options over the internet. There are various sites that offer secure online gambling in just about every category with poker, casino, and sports betting normally holding the top of the list. It is important to point out that there are also options for US players, despite the regulations available in this market, so Americans should have no problem in finding a reliable site through an iGambling portal.

mobile gambling appsWhile the online gambling offer continues to grow, the trend seems to be that mobile gaming is where things are heading. Pretty much all the top operators in the business have or are now working on, a mobile application that allows their users to connect to the same services they would get at home, but do so from a smartphone. In a recent interview, the head of information for Intralot, Dr. Christos Dimitriadis, said that mobile gambling will become legal in all European Union countries.

While he didn’t expand on when this is likely to happen, the fact that the states need to keep control of gambling makes it mandatory for mobile gambling to be legal and carefully regulated. As more and more players get their action on mobile devices, both the operators and the regulators in certain markets need to work together and reach the ideal solution.


Some of the big operators in the online gambling market have already made big steps to improve their mobile offers. 888 is known worldwide, mostly for its online sports betting options that pretty much cover the entire globe and offer options for all the major sports and various leagues. The site also has casino games, poker, bingo, and other online gaming categories, making it one of the biggest names in the industry.

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Recently, 888 changed its mobile platform to an HTML5 version in order to make it much more convenient for the players. Basically, the audio and video streaming from the operator will now be powered by HTML5, which will allow users to follow the action on their device of choice, without needing a flash plug-in. This also opens the door to new possibilities since users can now place bets while getting real-time data. The HTML5 version also allows a better experience for the users. It is able to detect the screen size of the device as well as the system capability and the connection available.

This makes it take the necessary precautions in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly; be it by lowering the quality or waiting before starting a video in order to conserve bandwidth. Gambling review websites make searching for a reliable online casino much easier as it groups the sites into different categories, depending on their strong points. There are sites that tend to focus on their mobile offers and USA online casinos are always a great topic for discussion.

Native apps

Native apps require a download and installation which means that there have to be different versions to make up for the various mobile operating systems now available. While these are very common amongst online casinos, they are certainly losing a lot of ground in favor of HTML5. There are plenty of reasons for this happening, with the main one being that one HTML5 version can fit all mobile devices and make the needed changes on itself. It is important to point out that the above-mentioned 888will not abandon its native apps, nor will it stop having HTML4 technology.

This is a great example for other operators as well, since making the switch to HTML5 overnight and basically abandoning previous options would mean that some users will no longer have access to the offers. Not all the players have the technology needed to perfectly run the new generation of software so while this is a good step to make on the road to better mobile gambling, it should not affect current customers in a bad way. Native apps continue to be a great way to enjoy online casino games on various mobile devices. The whole getting started process normally doesn’t take long, so while HTML5 will be the next big step for all operators, the offers now available are pretty awesome as well.