How can I buy Online Tickets for Euromillions Lottery from outside Europe?

Euro Millions

With €185 million on the line and the regular possibility of winning over €100 million, people are scrambling to their computers to get online tickets for the Euromillions lottery. Euromillions is played in nine different countries in Europe, and last year it paid out over $2.5 billion in prizes. Why would you not want to have a chance to win this jackpot? All you need to do is visit our partner RedFoxLotto and get your online tickets, playing RedFoxLotto has never been easier.

You can purchase online tickets for the Euromillions lottery twice weekly, and in doing so, you have a chance to win up to 13 different prize levels. To purchase tickets online, you need to select five main numbers, between one and 50. Secondly, there are two lucky star numbers, both between one and 11, and are drawn from a separate machine. In order to claim the first prize jackpot, you need to match all seven numbers.

Why play the Euromillions lottery online?

euromillions ticketLottery fever in Europe can and used to be at an epidemic level. To that, people line up weekly to play the biggest lottery in Europe with one of the three biggest jackpots available in the world. The Euromillions lottery started in 2004 and is played in Belgium, France, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. A Scottish couple won the largest jackpot ever in July 2011, claiming €185 million.

As well as all the European players in the aforementioned countries, millions of people each week, purchase tickets online. Getting your online tickets for the Euromillions lottery is very simple to do, by visiting our partner RedFoxLotto. The odds of winning the first prize jackpot, in the Euromillions lottery, are one in 116,531,800. However, to participate in one of the other 13 prize levels your overall chances are one in 13.

Once again, you will find the Euromillions lottery, one of the most exciting to play around the world. Take the time to visit RedFoxLotto today by following this link, open an account, and get started playing this gigantic European lottery. We are certain you will be glad you did. Find it easy to get online tickets for Euromillions, as well as other popular online lotteries worldwide.

Top Five Jackpots for 2013
Draw Date Jackpot (USD)
Euro Millions – Europe 25-Jun-13 $260,129,094
Euro Millions – Europe 15-Nov-13 $137,000,000
Euro Millions – Europe 28-May-13 $132,676,542
Euro Millions – Europe 25-Jun-13 $131,636,203
Euro Millions – Europe 23-Aug-13 $131,628,767


Euro Millions Prize Tiers
Prize Matches Odds
1st (Jackpot) 5 + 2 116,531,800 : 1
2nd 5 + 1 6,473,989 : 1
3rd 5 3,236,994 : 1
4th 4 + 2 517,919 : 1
5th 4 + 1 28,773 : 1
6th 4 14,387 : 1
7th 3 + 2 11,771 : 1
8th 2 + 2 821 : 1
9th 3 + 1 654 : 1
10th 3 327 : 1
11th 1 + 2 156 : 1
12th 2 + 1 46 : 1
13th 2 23 : 1