So the 2012 World Poker Series has been underway for a good while now, with this in mind let’s have a little round-up on what has been happening in the series. Well with so much going on it’s hard to keep up with this brilliant poker series, in light of this we have days 48 through to 49 to talk through for your delight. Without further waiting let’s delve into the 2012 World Poker Series

Day 48 The day was Friday 13th of July and the place was Las Vegas. With 666 players expecting to cash in with prizes on the day the date was rather apt. The main event of the day was the A Legend Will Rise tournament. The tournament was on its fourth day so players were already dwindled down from the starting numbers, in fact, there were only 720 players left to battle it out on the day. The tournament took up the whole of the Amazon room and before long play kicked off. It wasn’t long before the 720 players started falling out of the pecking order as they lost their pot of cash.

With the first level complete the numbers went from 720 players down to 667, with 666 getting paid out there was going to be one unlucky player in the second level. As the next round went through many others fell out of the competition, well-known players included. Antonio Esfandiari was one of those who retired early in the 501st position. Here is how the leaders of the day at the end

  • 1: Paul Volpe 2,750,000
  • 2: Erik Hellman 2,216,000
  • 3: Dave D’Alesandro 2,093,000
  • 4: Kyle Bowker 2,081,000
  • 5: Eric Buchman 2,076,000
  • 6: Elisabeth Hille 2,014,000
  • 7: Andras Koroknai 1,971,000
  • 8: Amit Zulkowitz 1,961,000
  • 9: Eric Legoff 1,947,000
  • 10: Nicco Maag 1,899,000

Day 49 Saturday kicked off where Friday finished. There were 282 players left in the big A Legend Will Rise tournament and big plays happened across the day. Even big stars got involved like the Actor Kevin Pollack who saw off some stiff competition mid-way through the day and dumped out Daniel Negreanu. With day 49 being a nail-biting and tense affair there were many who simply couldn’t handle the heat and started to fall by the wayside. In fact, by the end of the day, the field of 282 players was dwindled down to only 97 die-hard poker players.

At the end of day 49 (day 5 of the competition) Kyle Keranen was clearly ahead of the game with a colossal amount of close to 7,000,000. With another day to come, it didn’t mean he was high and dry or seen as the clear winner. Here is how the leaders of the day at the end Kyle Keranen 6,935,000 Jan Heitmann 3,410,000 Amnon Filippi 3,400,000 A.J. Jejelowo 3,340,000 Roland Israelashvili 2,805,000 Jason Somerville 1,400,000 David ODB Baker 1,360,000 Erik Cajelais 1,180,000 Greg Merson 945,000 Gavin Smith 675,000.

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