The year 2013 saw some very exciting times for worldwide lottery followers. In the lotto news, we saw some of the highest jackpots ever for several lotteries. In the 20 major worldwide lotteries, there was prize money distributed in excess of ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000.00). In the United States lotteries alone the winnings topped a staggering five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000.00), of which 35% or 1.75 Billion dollars was swallowed up by the IRS, yet still leaving the winners with enough to go on crazy spending sprees.

Giant jackpots in the lotto news

The latest lotto news shows MEGA Millions and the US Powerball as having the highest jackpots of the year and accounting for 4.183 Billion Dollars of the total prize money. The jackpot amounts won in these two worldwide lotteries were beyond comprehension. On May 18, 2013, the US Powerball Jackpot set a new winning record of 590 million dollars and made some people very happy. Moreover, then on December 17, 2013, MEGA Millions came close to setting a new record with a whopping jackpot payout of $636,000,000.

European Lotto’s Jackpots make the News

Across the pond, on the European continent, things were just as a crazy with the UK and European lotteries shelling out the equivalent of 3.440 billion US dollars ($344,000,000,000.00 USD) to jackpot winners. This amount is the highest number reported in the history of European jackpots. Euro Millions accounted for the largest portion of these winnings with another record jackpot amount of the equivalent of $260 million US dollars.

Other International lotteries with Huge Jackpots

Australia’s Powerball and Oz lotteries along with Canada’s 6/49 and Brazil’s Mega Sena dispensed a combined 900 million equivalent to US dollars making some very happy people winners of millions of dollars tax-free. Most countries besides the US allow the winners of lottery proceeds to have the initial sum tax-free and only have to pay tax on the interest earned on winnings. Overall, it was a very good year for lottery winners on whole. You can take part in the jackpots by buying your tickets today at RedFoxLotto.

Below you will find a chart with the top 40 lottery Jackpots worldwide. If you want to participate in any of them simply, visit our partner RedFoxLotto and you could possibly be the winner of one of the jackpots in 2014 and make it on the latest lottery news.


Highest Jackpots 2013
Lottery Date Jackpot (USD) Lottery Date Jackpot (USD)
MEGA Millions – USA Dec-13 $636,000,000 Powerball – USA 25-Dec $74,000,000
Powerball – USA May-13 $590,500,000 Euro Millions – Europe 15-Oct $69,731,630
Powerball – USA Aug-13 $448,400,000 Euro Jackpot – Europe 12-Apr $63,128,694
Powerball – USA Sep-13 $399,400,000 Oz Lotto – Australia 17-Dec $62,300,000
Powerball – USA Mar-13 $338,300,000 Lotto 6/49 – Canada 13-Apr $58,974,913
Euro Millions – Europe Jun-13 $260,129,094 Florida Lotto – USA 24-Aug $58,000,000
Powerball – USA Feb-13 $217,000,000 Euro Jackpot – Europe 19-Jul $56,886,414
Powerball – USA Oct-13 $213,400,000 Super Enalotto – Italy 29-Jun $55,759,000
MEGA Millions – USA May-13 $190,000,000 Powerball – Australia 2-May $55,229,291
MEGA Millions – USA Oct-13 $189,000,000 California Super Lotto – USA 18-Dec $50,000,000
Euro Millions – Europe Nov-13 $137,000,000 Powerball – USA 25-May $50,000,000
Euro Millions – Europe May-13 $132,676,542 Powerball – USA 30-Mar $50,000,000
Euro Millions – Europe Aug-13 $131,628,767 Euro Millions – Europe 9-Jul $47,029,650
Powerball – USA Jun-13 $131,500,000 Florida Lotto – USA 18-Dec $46,000,000
Powerball – USA Nov-13 $130,300,000 Euro Millions – Europe 26-Apr $44,565,352
Powerball – USA Dec-13 $122,900,000 Oz Lotto – Australia 2-Jul $44,500,000
La Primitiva – Spain Aug-13 $93,160,000 Euro Millions – Europe 26-Nov $44,044,130
MEGA Millions – USA Jan-13 $89,000,000 Euro Millions – Europe 25-Oct $43,448,180
MEGA Millions – USA Jul-13 $79,000,000 MEGA Millions – USA 12-Mar $41,000,000
Euro Millions – Europe Sep-13 $75,614,410 Euro Jackpot – Europe 25-Jan $40,470,680