The entrepreneur is rumored to open his own online poker room

The deal hasn’t been announced, but “it’s just a matter of time”. Online gambling is one of today’s most widespread industries, spanning tens of millions of people from all corners of the world. It’s one of the most profitable industries, as well, as it frequently makes millionaires out of ordinary people that play online gambling games. This is the reason why more and more people get into this line of work, and it’s also the reason why more and more companies decide to open a business in an online casino, an online poker site, or an online bookmaker: it sells, and it pays. You can’t go wrong with that.

If you want a confirmation of the fact that this is one of the top industries of our time, just look at the top online casinos, online poker rooms or other online gambling sites – some of them literally have dozens of millions of registered, active users. And you don’t reach that number unless you really provide a valuable service, and the number of satisfied customers is directly related to the quality of your services.

But, if you want further, irrefutable proof that online gambling is where it’s at, here it is: Donald Trump, one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world, is seriously considering opening up his very own online gambling company. He is currently considering a joint venture with Marc Lasry’s Avenue Capital Group, and together they will open an online poker room. The only “if” in the deal, at least at the moment, is whether or not the market will be regulated or not – as we all know, this is a delicate subject in the United States at the moment.

Donald Trump is a known supporter of online gambling. Last year, he has declared his support for the industry, saying that he would rather have the revenue brought by the online gambling industry, rather than make it illegal. Ivanka Trump, the businessman’s wife and a high-ranking board member of The Trump Organization has confirmed that “it’s just a matter of time” until the deal is underway.

Should Trump’s business get off the ground, and we have no doubt it will, it will be a hugely positive feature in today’s online gambling in the U.S. – with all the publicity and lobby Trump will bring to the table, it will mean a huge increase in online gamblers in the U.S.