Fourth Consecutive Shutout for Giants

The pressure was on for Madison Bumgarner after he learned about the Giants having just tied a franchise record with 35 straight scoreless innings. This didn’t really take him off his game as he kept a cool style and pitched a perfect ninth. This won them the game against the Reds with a final 5-0 score making it the fourth consecutive shutout; a new record. Currently, the Giants are in the first position of the National League West after the Mets won against the Dodgers.

It is the first time that we see Giants on top of the ranking board since August, 9 so it is safe to say that they are starting to come back to their previous shape. It is something to consider for all sports gamblers as we are heading towards the next games and predictions can require a lot of calculation and thinking. There are online sites that can help gamblers get an edge by reading about the latest changes and comparing notes with other experienced betters.

The best MLB predictions websites offer daily updates as well as advice and tips for every kind of user. Placing a smart bet can be very profitable, not to mention the added excitement when watching the game knowing that there is a sum of money at play. It was the first complete game for Bumgarner in his career and he did it perfectly, now allowing any hits until the sixth inning. Along with his teammates, the starting pitchers for the Giants managed to set a new record of 36 straight innings with no run.

Doing four consecutive shutouts is an incredible achievement and very difficult to do. It requires four pitchers that play flawlessly and a little bit of luck and Madison was certainly one of them. He played a great game and everything seemed to be going right for him with every pitch. The luck element came into play in the sixth for Giants when a Reds player, Todd Frazier, made a mistake. He didn’t evaluate the situation right and made a few steps just before the ball went over his head. It was a split-second decision that aided Giants set the new record and winning the game in a dominating manner.

The Reds manager was interviewed after the game regarding Bumgarner’s performance and he declared that it was most likely the best game he ever pitched and that there wasn’t much they could do about it. The next game will be starting this Friday and all eyes are on Matt Cain who has some pretty big shoes to fill. He got a friendly reminder from his teammates that he only needs to throw a shutout, clearly, it will be much more difficult than it sounds and it will be a nice game to watch and see if Giants can expand their lead and improve on their record. Until the game starts, online bookies offer some nice odds regarding the outcome of the game as well as Giants writhing history yet again.