rise growth casino industry

According to the casino news report issued rise growth casino industryby the American Gaming Association , the slots that account for more than 60% has Pompano leading the group clearly followed by Mardi Gras, Magic City, and Gulfstream Park in the show. There has been news pouring in that USA has captured a tax amount of around $143million from five different casinos alone. As per the estimation of Seminole and others, the yearly approach from the gaming industry is said to be more than $2 billion.

According to a few casino news reports the month of April has proved lucky at various facilities for slot revenues. The NSTs shot up by 7.6% and the gain was more than $ 2.6 million. While casinos like Jai Alai and Miami Casino have witnessed a gain of $4.6 million. March 2012 has also seen the fortune of casinos located in Mississippi grow up to 3.9 %. These casinos have won around $220.4 million as compared to March 2011 they made a collection of $212.1 million.

This sudden improvement has been attracting more and more gamblers, at times flooding the gambling halls. The casinos located on the Gulf Coast made a good fortune too with a rise of 4.8 %. Gulf casinos that have been struggling since July 2009 made a collection of around $101.6 million. Many licensed casinos in Louisiana witnessed a remarkable rise of 5.8 % as compared to the previous year.

The recession had hit high on the gambling industry, marked by a huge revenue slide that has changed now. Pennsylvania casinos that had seen a downfall in 2006 have made a steady recovery by winning $233.1 million in the month of March. Pennsylvania and Atlantic City have an equal number of casinos and have been having similar turnovers with regard to revenue generation. The state of Maryland too saw a rise in the revenue which resulted in the opening of two casinos within its own borders.

Many online casinos, too, have been gaining popularity for offering cash handouts and constant advertisements to attract huge traffic, while continuing to keep the loyalty points of all their current members intact. Las Vegas which is known for its casino market won around $6 billion last year as cited by National Indian Gaming Commission. Last year the revenue in Pennsylvania increased by 21 % overshadowing Atlantic City, N.J thus ranking second in the casino market in America.

The underlying fact behind this steady rise in the revenue in both the locations was that in the year 2011 table games were completely offered; Thereby leading to an increase of 300 % rise in this game’s revenue. Many New Yorkers can now easily opt to drive down to Philadelphia casinos. If you put together a total number of visitors from both the places it comes to an astonishing figure of 25 million.