The quarter ended on September 20th, 2013 shows a lot of promise!

There are many forms of gambling available nowadays. There are the traditional casinos, betting venues, online casinos, and online sportsbooks and they all provide a similar thrill of gambling. As the revenue reports from the new quarter of the year begin to come up from the gambling companies, we can start to see an increase in activity compared to the same month last year. Online casinos, such as BetOnline Casino have seen a big increase in popularity over a short period of time and it seems that this trend is not just available on the internet, as some would suggest. This is, among other things, due to the fact that they accept US gamblers.

Nevada declares state gambling revenues

The revenues in September show a significant increase of 3.3% compared to last year making the total state gambling reviews worth around $893 million. There are a few factors that contributed to this increase as Las Vegas casinos cashed in huge amounts from sports betting; the second largest betting amount to be ever placed on football. The total amount gamblers used on football betting was over $43 million which may seem small compared to the $313 million wagered on casino games but it is in fact a huge increase.

To get an idea about how much sports betting grew this year in Nevada casinos, the year average is usually around 6.8% and this September it was 13.9%. Pretty much all the regions in Nevada showed an increase in revenue. Las Vega’s main casinos from The Strip went up 1.2% to a total of $497 million and downtown casinos increased by 6% to $44 million. Reno and South Lake Tahoe weren’t left out of the gambling boom either and they also declared revenue increases of 1% and 5% respectively.

On a total level, compared to the totals in September 2011, gambling revenues have increased by 6%. A more detailed analysis shows that table games revenue is up 7.7% while the popular casino slots we all know and love have only gone up 1%. Blackjack is one of the best-known table games in a casino, mostly because there are some tips and strategies that can be used in order to get a better chance at winning; these blackjack tips can prove to be very useful.

DeNA declares a big spike in revenue

While Nevada casinos might get a lot of attention, we also have to remember other means of playing gambling games in other corners of the world. DeNA has been making a lot of waves as they declared a 45% increase from last year. It is a very popular mobile social gaming network available in Japan that has seen a big increase in recent years. Traffic isn’t just going up at the real money games but also in the play money version which adds up to overall traffic and brand awareness in the country.

If the network will continue to grow at this pace, it is very likely that it will leave other mobile game developers in the dust. However, its success is only in the local market and we will see if it can rise on an international level. The domestic increase is a direct result of the many new games made available this year, the great marketing efforts, and the events which constantly reward players and keep them entertained. The CEO of the company declared that they must now keep up with new content that will continue to attract new customers.

Mobile gaming seems to be the future

Mobile gaming is certainly a fast-growing part of the gambling world thanks to the combined efforts of the great smartphone manufacturers and the apps provided by the software developers. As smartphones become more affordable to the regular gambler and the games become more realistic, a big part of players are expected to use their mobile devices in order to play casino games and access their preferred betting options. The fact that more and more gambling sites become available can only encourage new players to join the fun since there are always new promotions to benefit from. Being able to take gambling on the move makes it incredibly convenient and it is an option that can be easily accessed by a large portion of the population.