poker resteal fold

The Art of the Re-steal

Re-stealing separates good poker players from great poker players. Re-stealing is simply the process of identifying a steal attempt and coming over the top of them. There are a few factors one must consider when looking to re-steal in poker. The gap between the steal range versus the reraise calling range must be significant.

poker resteal foldIn order to identify a prime re-steal candidate, you must suspect that the hand range in which the raiser is making is drastically different from the range of hands in which he would call a reraise. The profit of the resteal move relies on the original raiser folding to your show of strength. This can only be profitably accomplished if the calling range is far narrower than the raising range.

That being said, you want to utilize this move against a player who is capable of laying a hand down after showing interest in the pot.

Table Image

While table images vary from time to time, to best accomplish a resteal you need to have a tight image at your table. If you have been loose and aggressive and try a resteal, you are far more likely to be called or reraised than you would be if you have played in moderation.

Quality of Hand

Sometimes our reads are a bit off, and we end up re-stealing over the top of a monster. Additionally, sometimes we miscategorize our opposition and find out he is not capable of making a laydown after showing interest in the pot. When encountering resistance on a re-steal, it helps to have a hand capable of holding its own against a monster hand. By ensuring you are attempting a re-steal against the right player when you have a quality hand and your table image is sound, you stand a far better chance of successfully utilizing the re-steal as a weapon at the poker table.