bet on horse racing

Strategy of placing winning bets on sports

Although sports betting has been around for hundreds of years, online sports betting is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. We are still growing and learning winning online sports betting strategies to enable us to withdraw monies from our online accounts.

Gambling in casinos, lotteries, blackjack, sports betting, poker, horseracing or any other games that have a decided outcome all have one thing in common; you can wager on them. As with everything you do, it is important to employ a strategy when participating in online betting. Let’s be perfectly frank, getting comfortable at a gaming table or playing poker with friends could very well be entertaining, yet somehow walking away with money will make it substantially more pleasurable. Observing horses gallop down the backstretch is enjoyable, yet much more exciting if you decide to have a wager on the race. Having the ability to gamble cash on these events and sporting activities renders them more enjoyable to watch and take part

Winners’ luck is not a strategy

Having been to the racetrack many times, I have witnessed all too often someone winning money by picking horses top bet on because they like the name of the horse. More than once, I have seen that horse come in and pay a decent sum of money to the bettor. This person goes home a winner and thinks the whole horse racing game is a breeze. This is what is known as beginner’s luck and involves no strategy whatsoever. If this person decides to start playing the ponies online, they will learn quickly how to lose money without employing an online betting strategy.

While it is indeed an intelligent thing to do, solely understanding and researching the specific sport you wish to take part in will not yield you riches if you do not have a sound betting and cash management strategy. Percentages, lines, point-spreads, and handicapping are all things that need to be studied. Yet, if these are the only things you look at you may enjoy some luck at winning money, but in the long run, it may not be all you need.
Winning sports betting strategy considers return on investment

Buying properties, investing in a business, and buying stocks are well-known methods globally for trying to make money. Every well-informed investor knows it is important to understand (R.O.I.) return on investment. This simply means if you invest 100 dollars in something you will be expecting to get something back. If you get back $120 after you subtract the initial investment you have a $20 profit. In this example, you will have a 20% R.O.I.

If you decide you want to take part in sports betting on a regular basis or perhaps try to make a living from it, you will need to have a strategy, which allows you to earn a decent return on investment. By all standards, a return of 20% in sports betting would be considered good. This means you will have to bet annually approximately $100,000.00 to be able to make $20,000.00. This will mean it is necessary to wager $2,000.00 weekly to have the income you want.

Use risk offset in your winning online strategy

If you want to make a living or supplement your income from sports betting, go ahead and study the games you want to take part in. Know the sports like the palm of your hand. Remember also, you need to find bets, which provide the best risk versus reward in order to be successful. Know which bets will put you closer to your goal. It is ok to go for some longshots with big payouts now and then, but make sure you offset these bets with some sure things to offset your risk.

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