Play Online Craps successfully

When it comes to playing online craps, there are many winning strategies available, and the strategies are designed to take into consideration players of many different styles. For example, you have players who bet against and with the shooter and therefore we have what is called hedge betting. When you are starting out is important that you understand all the different dice combinations so you are best able to decide which winning strategy will work best for you.

Many online gaming experts have a tough time coming to a basic agreement on which strategies truly work when it comes to craps. The house odds are close to 17% on certain bets making this a tough game to predict. There are however some guidelines that are universally accepted by those in the know. In this article, we have included what we believe to be the simplest to employ and easiest to understand strategies allowing you a greater probability of building your bank.

Pass, Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come Winning Strategy

Betting on the Pass or don’t pass is one particular strategy utilized by players. This is a good strategy but will take lots of patience if you want to create profits. The house edge betting that this strategy is only somewhere around 1% so it is definitely the best bet available in online craps. As with any winning strategy is important to understand that in the long run patience is the key to profitability.

Odds Betting Strategy

Once the point is established on the come-out roll, it is always a good idea to take the odds on your initial bet. Taking the odds on your initial bet reduces the house odds and put you in a good position. Once again understanding the basic principles of craps is a good idea here.

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus Strategy

As with every other, online casino game available, one of the main strategies necessary to employ is achieving the maximum possible bonus offered by the particular casinos. Take the time to understand the bonus levels in how you are able to cash them in. Many times, you will be able to receive 100% deposit bonuses based on your style of play.

Martingale Betting Strategy in Craps

The martingale betting system is used in an abundance of casino games and is generally a starting point for other betting systems, which have been created. The system suggests that after each loss you double your bets employing the exact same strategy until such a time as you win again. Once you have recouped your losses you go back to your initial betting process. This is a system when followed which will guarantee you to win, the only flaw being that the wager amount has the possibility of climbing to a point, which you may not be able to cover.

Using the Safe Craps Strategy

There is a system however that is quite effective, in many circles is known as the “safe craps system”, which is quite simple to understand and very easy to follow. At the start of the game you place a bet on the do not pass line, and once the point is made you then bet an equal amount to make the point.

If the shooter makes the point, you then win and in the event that the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you get paid even money. Playing the system over an extended period will grow your bank at a steady rate. The only possible way to lose using this strategy is when the shooter makes a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll.

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