Poker rooms which are ideal for Multi-Tabling

Having information on the best multi-tabling poker sites online is of extreme importance to players wishing to maximize the number of hands they are able to play each hour. By maximizing the number of hands, playable hourly, online poker players are able to increase their hourly revenue substantially. Playing at an online poker site, which allows for multi-tabling through a user-friendly interface, makes it easy to access each table individually. Online poker-playing professionals value a website, which gives them greater control over being able to make decisions at every table at any given time.

When playing multiple tables you can expect your win rate per hour to decrease some because your focus is now divided between tables. In time, however, you should find your win rate increase as you find yourself playing in less mediocre hands because you are busy. Overall, it is important to be certain you keep track of your hourly win rate and be certain it makes sense for you to keep increasing the number of tables.

Multi Tabling Internationally

At 888 Poker, they have created a special micro screen version to allow you to easily play multiple tables at a time. You are able to play at 888 Poker without having to worry about screen overlap. The play at 888 Poker is seamless and easy allowing you great focus on each of the tables you are playing. The method here is important because you do not want your hourly win rate decreasing by an amount greater than you are making up for by playing the multiple tables. You can visit 888 Poker and sign-up to receive your bonus today by clicking here.

888 allows both cascading and tiling of the individual poker room windows. This feature allowing the viewer to take on the form most desirable to the player is a feature most multi-tabling experts look for. Is important to mention that the user interface and speed of the software used at 888, coupled with the number of rooms available for play, make it by far the best choice online for those wishing to play at multiple tables.

Multi-tabling in the US

multi-tabling poker roomFor those living in the United States who wish to play at an online casino and utilize multiple tables, Betonline Poker is a great choice for you. Betonline Poker software allows you to play up to eight tables at a time. This is somewhat less than the poker giants and for that reason, you will quite often find players of a lesser level playing at Betonline Poker. This is not necessarily a bad thing, due to the fact it will be a fair bit easier to profit from playing at Betonline Poker. In fact, Betonline Poker has a reputation as being one of the loosest poker sites on the Internet today. If you have been having some luck playing poker online you may want to consider playing for cash, multi-tabling at Betonline Poker.

Of note for those wishing to make some money online, you may want to take the time to play poker online over the weekends when you will find the tables to be the loosest. To sign up and get your Betonline Poker 100% bonus just click on this link.