Two satellite wins, two busts in the main events

After running really well in both satellites, I busted out early in both day one legs of the main event. In the day 1b tournament yesterday, I started out ok and improved from 20.000 to 22.000 chips but then got reseated at a very strong table. I raised 4 times with AQs, AK, and a pair of queens, and missed all flops. After that I was short and when I finally did hit with KQs, a Q on flop for top pair, I got drawn out when the river made a flush for my opponent and I was out.

But all in all, I did get in cheaply (2 entries in a $2500 tournament for app. $600), so things could have been worse.

Next, I decided to play the $600 Turbo tournament the same evening. The turnout for this one was app. 100 players and it started really well for me. I doubled up after half an hour and was chip leader when we were down to 20 players – with 8 spots getting paid. There was one scary situation though when a player called my all-in 3bet with QQ. He showed JJ and hit a J on the flop, but I got lucky when the river brought a Q for me.

Down to 11 players, the cutout who had a little fewer chips than I had, min-raises, and I call from the button with QJo. Flop comes 3-8-J rainbow, I bet 5 big bets and he calls. Turn is a Q, and I move all-in and get called, with T9 and lose to the straight.

Being left with little more than 1 big blind, I win the next hand and triple up. Next hand, I get AQs, so I move all-in again and get 2 callers. One of them has 33 and the other one shows AQo! No A and no Q and the 33 takes the pot – I am out again.

Since I haven’t spent that much on buy-ins yet I will play the $1100 “Second chance” today. This is a two-day event that will probably see a field of 100+ players, so the prize money should be ok.