Winning back to back satellites

After busting out of the main event, I won another satellite for day 1b. With a $300 buy-in and 105 participants, this one was much tougher because the starting stack was only 500, with blinds going up every 15 minutes.

I managed to hold on to an average stack for a long time and then doubled up once but lost half of my stack when I jammed first in with 77 from the SB and the BB called with QQ. We were down to 18 players at this point, with 11 tickets to win. But I kept going with an 8 BB chip stack until the bubble broke and I won another ticket for the $2500 main event.

Day 1a had 155 participants only, and I hope for more players to show up today. Attendance is rather low, probably due to the raised buy-in. But I guess they’ll still get 400 players total, which would make for a nice price pool of 1 Million. Let’s see how it goes today…