The list of Nevada licenses issued in 2012 is now up to 17 names

Online casino games in the United States are a fairly delicate subject and as the chances for a federal bill by the end of 2012 have recently been reduced to zero, some individual states are pushing even harder to introduce their own regulations regarding online gambling. Nevada is one of the main targets and the state government has been quite busy this year handing out licenses to large casino operators.

This license does now allow the companies to offer a variety of casino games and it just focuses on online poker with the main argument being that poker is not a gambling game but more of a game of skill. The recently proposed federal bill was also working on this concept and had the potential to allow online poker across the United States while banning other forms of gambling; as mentioned before, this bill expired in 2012.

Caesars is to go live in the US early next year

Casino operators from the state of Nevada have already started to make preparations and the first sites are expected to go live early next year. This Thursday, Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc. has finally been granted a license for online poker after getting the recommendation a couple of weeks ago. The Caesars-styled online poker room will be launched as a WSOP brand but not before their partner, 888 Holdings, gets a license from the Nevada Gambling Commission as well. The executive director for the World Series Of Poker has stated that the company could revolutionize the online poker industry.

He also added that the Commission is doing a very good job at making sure every aspect is in order which will make for the Nevada online poker market to run smoothly right from the start. One of the main things that cause concerns amongst online players is the reliability of the site, and Caesars is a gambling company with numerous properties across the world and most gamblers are familiar with the name and what it stands for.

The luxurious image and the glamorous style the Caesars casinos have in different corners of the world might prove to be a great starting point for their online endeavors. With this license, Caesars is the 17th company on the list that can offer online poker in the state of Nevada. Along with 888 Holdings, the companies are operating real money gambling sites in large European markets such as the United Kingdom and France.

Online Casinos In The US

The ban on online gambling in the United States has long proved to be inefficient and there are quite a few online casinos that cater to this market and US citizens can easily enjoy a wide range of casino games. Online poker rooms that will be launched in Nevada will only be able to be accessed by players from within the state and this limitation can influence gamblers to stay at their current online casinos.

US friendly online Slotland Casino

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The competition with offshore sites that are already available in the United States will make an interesting market and players should start seeing Nevada-based online poker rooms in a couple of months. Although there were some rumors that the first site will go live by the end of the year, there were some delays from third-party companies that pushed back the launch date. To make things even more interesting, New Jersey is currently trying to pass a bill that would allow online casinos within the state, operated by licensed Atlantic City casinos.