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The foundation for Ivey League has been set

There is a clear tendency for players to enjoy their time on the internet instead of going to a brick-and-mortar venue to play various casino games. The recent success of Jackpot Grand Casino is the perfect example of a site that hit the internet strong and continues to become more popular with every passing day. Even professional poker players see the value in online gaming and after Viktor Blom decided not to take part in the Aussie Millions earlier this year in order to play on Full Tilt Poker, Phil Ivey has recently added LeggoPoker to his site.

Last year, in October, Phil Ivey made an interesting announcement that he plans on launching a new website called IveyPoker.com which will help poker players understand the game better and play it the “right way”. Over the last few months, he has been working hard to make this a reality and while the site is not yet fully functional, it is possible for users to sign up and get notified as soon as everything is ready.

Also on the site, there is a list of pro players recruited by Ivey who will offer free instructional videos to the community. Amongst the 28 players that are now part of Team Ivey, there are some big poker names such as Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, and Jennifer Harmon. The list features players that are familiar with different versions of the game as well as various stakes in order to make sure that the videos will cover a wide range of tutorials and not just focus on high stakes Hold’em, for which Ivey is pretty famous.

LeggoPoker added to the Ivey Empire

ivey poker leggoIvey has recently announced that he has purchased LeggoPoker; a community-based website that offers instructional videos in order to teach players how to play the game. The concept is very similar to what Ivey is trying to achieve but a bit more advanced and while some may consider it as buying out the competition, the truth is that this will help the poker pro get a large audience right from the start. The newly acquired LeggoPoker will act as the foundation for the Ivey League where all the pros from the team will train regular players.

Of course, the existing reputation that LeggoPoker has amongst the community will offer a great starting point and the existing members of the Leggo Team will prove to be very helpful. The site had some very high-skilled instructors such as Dan Smith and Aaron Jones who will fit in quite nicely with the existing players from Team Ivey.

Ivey declared that he thinks LeggoPoker is one of the best poker teaching sites on the internet and that the two will work together very well in order to offer a high-quality poker training website. The IveyPoker app will not just have videos but will also offer a unique mobile and social poker game that will be free-to-play so that users can practice what they learn. After this, the next step is the Ivey League where more training will be available.

All things considered, it really looks like Phil Ivey is very serious about this leap in the online poker world and a large number of poker players have already signed on to the site which will be available soon. Ivey is considered by many as being the best poker player in the world and he has also referred to himself like that a few times in the past and he certainly has the WSOP bracelets to prove it. With more than $17 million in winnings from live tournaments, he is amongst the top three all-time winners and has shown on countless occasions that he has no problem with playing high stakes cash games be it in front of a camera or on the internet.