Daredevils play Deccan Chargers

The IPL or Indian premier league has proven itself birthplace of a new era of cricket all around. As you know that hot and spicy cricket matches are being played between different teams in this mind-blowing tournament these days, this most viewed game format has literally engrossed the cricket fans all over the globe.

You must be well aware of the 8 magnificent world-class IPL teams commonly recognized by the names of Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Dare Devils, Chennai Super Kings, Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, and the last but certainly not the least name of Punjab Kings X1. This article is based on a very recent match played between Delhi Daredevils 7& Deccan Chargers in which Delhi Daredevils had beaten Deccan Chargers.

The undisputed and unbeaten David Warner had beaten the Deccan Chargers by giving a huge partnership of 189 runs with Naman Ojha in this match. What a great match for David Warner in which he managed to obtain the unobtainable i.e. 109 runs for just 54 balls. Even the Deccan Chargers were playing on their home ground, the great partnership between David Warner and Naman Ojha gave them no chance to fight back in the game.

The match was moving in the favor of Deccan Chargers due to the early departure of Virender Sehwag in the first over for just 4 runs but David Warner and Naman Ojha made an unbeaten partnership after that and gave a very tough time to Deccan chargers bowlers by continuing hammering them all over their home ground. Both of these Delhi batsmen have proved the famous quote “when there is a will there is a way”.

Critics see this match as a one-sided match after they saw both batsmen hammering the Deccan chargers bowlers leaving no option for them but to surrender. The first 50 made by David Warner came in 26 balls as compared to the first fifty made by Naman Ojha in 38 balls. The undisputed 9 wickets win against strong contenders have exploded their popularity level all around the globe. They have proven themselves that they can turn any match in their favor. To chase the very big target of 187 runs in just 20 overs made by Deccan chargers was really a mind-numbing job. Both the Shikhar Dhawan and Whites from Deccan chargers had batted very well in their innings.

The Deccan chargers also lost their early wickets when Harris caught for just 19 runs and skipper Sangakkara for just 4 runs. But on the whole, those early jolts didn’t stop them to give a huge target of 187 against Delhi Daredevils. The Deccan chargers fought very well in terms of giving a huge target to chase but the Delhi Daredevils chased the target without any difficulty. This was one of the best matches of the Indian Premier League played between two very strong teams but no doubt about the commendable victory of Delhi Daredevils over their host team i.e. Deccan Chargers. This was the match that has created a history in itself as well. Cricket fans will remember this match for a long time.