The Punta Cana Classic

Back from my successful trip to Lima, the Punta Cana Poker Classic was my next stop. Only a 4-hour drive from my “hometown” Cabarete, it was only logical to play that week.

On the first day, I managed to qualify for the §1500 main event by playing a $300 satellite tournament, but unfortunately, I was kicked out of day 1B after a very long dry run.

But there were plenty of other events on offer and I signed up for the 2nd chance event. That one went rather well for me until we were getting close to the bubble, with me having a chip stack that made me second in chips, with app. 20 players left. Then I get raised by the chip leader on my right, and I am holding pocket aces! Logically, I reraised and to my pleasure, he raised again. Since we were both committed, I decided to push all-in and he called. As was to be expected, he had pocket kings. The flop then came with a king and my aces were busted. Instead of ending up with 130k chips when the next player would have had 48k, I was out.

After this, I played another $500 event, and again, got close to the bubble with an above-average chip stack. Then, I find pocket aces again being the big blind. Everybody folds to the button, who makes it 3 BB, I reraise and he pushed. No way I throw away pocket aces of course, and the button shows KJo. The flop brings one king, and guess what: he spikes another king on the river.

What are the chances of busting out of two tourneys with pocket aces, twice in app. 4 hours? Not exactly my day … I finished the tournament weeks winning a couple hundred in a cash game, but all in all, it was a disappointing week for me.