Prague arrival

The whole trip started out in disastrous fashion. Arriving in Frankfurt, Germany on December 10th after a 9-hour flight from the Dominican Republic, I had 2 hours to catch my connection to Prague. Plenty of time, one would think – but after spending almost 2 hours waiting in line for yet another security check, I missed my plane. Lufthansa then booked me on a later flight, and when I finally arrived in Prague around 7 pm, my baggage could not be found.

The next day, after quickly buying the most necessary stuff (my baggage would not arrive until the 12th), I went to the casino to play the 11h satellite to the main event, only to find out it was already full. So I signed in for the evening satellite, which was for €1000, starting at 16h.

In the beginning, I lost hand after hand until, three hours into the tournament, I was down to 8 BB. With 77, I went all-in and two players called, with AJs and AQo. My sevens held up and I tripled my stack. Two hands later, the chip leader raised, I had the Big Blind and QQ. I reraised and he went all-in, I called and won the hand against his JJ.

By this time, we were down to app. 80 players and there were 25 tickets to be won. Instead of playing it safe, I tried my big stack to make a few plays, and after another hour, I found myself short-stacked again. After a dry run of cards, I was forced to push when I found T9s on the button after everyone folded to me pre-flop. The SB called me with JJ and I was out.

The next step is the satellite to the 2k event, which starts at 11h tomorrow.